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Super cute!!

Love this shoe! So well made!

Piggy Shoe
So much fun!

My 13 month old loves them! They’re currently a size too big but I let her wear thick socks and squeak around in the house, before they get dirty outside. Hasn’t really improved her gait but I’m not worried since it’s super early.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes!!

My 1.5 year old loves these shoes- they are SOOO cute! Everywhere that we go, people turn to see where the squeaking is coming from, and she loves the reactions that she gets- they make her feel like a rock star!
This is our second pair of Wee Squeek shoes (first one being the Unicorn ones!), and they are my go-to for her shoes. Wee Squeak shoes adjusted my daughter's preference of walking on her toes as the squeaker is only in the heel- causing us to not have to take her to a physical therapist to adjust her walking!!!
Thank you for an amazing product!!

Peppa fan

My granddaughter absolutely loves these! She has quite the collection of wee squeak! Every pair is loved and looked for daily! Started to encourage walking then as a locator when she hides in the clothing racks or at the local parks! Greatest shoes ever! And the little piggy gets so many comments!

Monkey shoes

Got these shoes for me up grandson as he's a a beginner walker! The shoes came with one squeaker...so kind of disappointing but otherwise I love the shoes!!

Everyone loves them.

I bought these for my neice. The sandals are super cute and the squeak is absolutely adorable. They have been a hit with all our family members.

Super cute gift

I give all my grandchildren a pair for their first birthdays. Everyone loves them. The mouse ones are my favorite so far with the glittery ears and pink tail that is stitched along the side of the shoe. I love seeing their faces when they realize they are making them squeak. Incredible quality!

Definitely worth it

My son hasn't really worn these much yet due to weather (he's been in his squeaky sneakers), but they are still worth it. I did order them a little big (intentionally) because he's growing quickly. He loves them, and i love that i can adjust them all the way around to fit him better. I can't wait for nicer weather so he can sport his sandals. :)

Love these!

My son will only wear shoes that squeak. I bought him his first pair (sandals) when he was started walking. Since then, it's all squeak or no shoes. These are simply that cutest! He has 3 pairs of squeaky shoes now, but these are his favorite! I love how they look, they squeak just like he likes, and he is always happy to put them on!

Rocket sandles

They r so cute on his feet. Cole can put them on a do the velcro. He just squeeks and squeeks!


These shoes are so cute! They look so good with dressy outfits!


Perfect for summer!


Love the shoes!

Aria Sandal

We bought the Aria sandals for our daughter, and we are all obsessed!! She is a wild little toddler, and she loves running and squeaking all over the place. I can’t wait to buy more!

Even better, their return policy is a breeze! The first pair of sandals we ordered were too small, so we sent the shoes back for a full store credit. And then we bought the next size up at no additional charge! Easy breezy! Could not recommend these shoes or this company enough!

We love our squeaky shoes!

We love all of our squeaky shoes. I am a repeat customer many times over and have never been disappointed. I was afraid the sandals may be difficult to walk in but my daughter had no trouble and they seemed comfortable the whole day.

Cute boots

Love them!

Cute boots

Got two colors

Cute boots

Loved them!


Wee Squeaks for kids

My granddaughter LOVED these shoes. When she put them on she was looking all around for where the squeak was coming from and when she realized that she was doing it she got this huge grin and took off running laps around the house laughing the whole time! Really fun!

Full of cute bugness

my 2yr old was delighted when she saw the ladybug 🐞 shoes. I got a size bigger on purpose so she can grow into them but she can walk around the house in them now and not trip over because the strap holds nicely :) we will definitely shop again as she loves the wee squeak shoes 😊

Super cute!

My 2nd daughter wore her hand me down wee squeaks from her sister so getting the Bessie Moo shoes, she was ecstatic. Plus I love that I know where she is around the house when she wears them 😅

Love this!

Highly recommend these! We get lots of smiles and laughs while we are out and my sons walking has improved since he can hear each step.

Cute and sparkly!

My daughter got these and loves wearing them! They’re both cute and comfortable!

Super cute!!

We’ve bought the red and black ones and love these white ones just as much as the others!!