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My daughter loves them

Love weeaqueak

We have 3 pair and love them good quality and cute! Lil Ellie is walking more she loves the squeak....not loud enough to be annoying to adults but you can tell where she is.

Perfect shoes!

My great great niece Paislee loves her wee squeak shoes! She leans on her tippy toes so she can hear them squeak as she puts her heels down and does the cutiest grin!!

Strawberry Sandal

Great quality. Fast shipping. Once my daughter put them on, she was energetically stomping everywhere. Lol.

Shoes are fantastic, but have a choking hazard!

Our son absolutely loves these! He loves them so much that he decided to pull out the squeaker with his teeth! We're going to try to glue the squeaker in so that he can still wear them, since the squeaker is small enough that he really can't be allowed to put it in his mouth...

Cutest things ever. great Quality!

I got a pair for my twin nephews, and you can’t help but smile when you hear the squeaks! They love it too!

Quality product with lots of fun and laughs

Would recommend to anyone

My child loves them.

Awesome shoes

Bought my cousin these shoes and he absolutely loves them! He's 13 months old and walking well with them.will definitely buy again!

Hunter Boot

Excellent quality and fit great. Easy to put on my little guys feet (the ankle support is excellent and they don’t squish up, making it impossible to get their little squirmy feet in). He runs around, so happy and we get tons of smiles from people!


I love the old fashion style and of course knowing where she’s running too! They’re made well and are durable.

Very satisfied with shoes

My baby loves them does not want to take them of. Great quality easy to put on my 1yr old . I will definitely order from weesqueak again!

Love Love Love the Squeaky shoes ! Very well made !

Cute Kitties

Very cute Kitty shoes.
They look great on my granddaughter.

So cute

The pink shoes look so cute on my granddaughter. She has little chubby feet & it’s hard to find her shoes that fit at discount stores like Walmart or Target. I have bought her 3 pairs of Wee Squeaks so far. They fit her chubby feet perfectly and are very nice looking shoes. They look good with whatever she wears.
I will be buying her more as her feet grow.


My babies loved their shoes they were so excited and wear them happily.

So happy with my purchase of these shoes. My granddaughter is obsessed with them and so am I. Thank you!

Great fit ladybug shoe

Soft, flexible shoe perfect for toddler.

Great gift idea

My grandson loved them. He went from walking to running to hear the squeaking, it was hilarious. I’m not confident they will wear well outside or with everyday use. The material
Is lightweight.

Little feet

I gave them to my granddaughter for Christmas. Due to delays in delivery she just got them today !!! She loves them !!! running all around squeaking !! They are a hit with my son !!! He was laughing so hard watching his daughter. Dancing and running. She is 18 months old !!! I shall surly buy another pair !!!


I love the shoes adorable as always but a little too much glitter to them as I bought them for my son. Sent back only for this reason.


The unicorn shoes are the third pair of weesqueaks I have purchased this year. My 20 month old granddaughter loves weesqueak shoes. She somehow knows that the box weesqueak shoes are stored in has a connection to me. Whenever I give her a pair of weesqueak shoes she gets so excited that she showers me with hugs and kisses. The quality is awesome. The price affordable and the look absolutely gorgeous. When she is wearing her weesqueak shoes I always know where she is and what she is up to! 🤗 I really love these shoes.

“Unice” & “Fritz”

WoW!!! I am so impressed with these shoes and the unbelievable quality!!!! I have ALWAYS bought StrideRite for all but will be buying these shoes in the future, for sure!! The first thing I ALWAYS do with baby/toddler shoes, is fold them, to check their flexibility and WeeSqueek passed the test!! Foxxi and Owlie will be next! Absolutely love these shoes!!!!

My granddaughter loves these shoes. She has 4 pairs now.

My granddaughter loves these shoes. She has 4 pairs now. The ones without a strap or go around ankle run big.

Beautiful shoe

Cute shoe, very sweet for my kids to wear for family pictures

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