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These shoes are adorable. I love a classic saddle shoe, but they are very hard to find these days. The Wee Squeaks are perfect for the holidays. Our little guy is on the verge of walking; he loves the squeaking noise so they encourage him because he always wants to walk when he has them on. They are soft enough for a new walker but are very well made.

Andy Navy Tennis Shoe
Sandra Soloff
At 13t months my grandson is a squeakee fan

This is his 2nd pair of Squeakies and he loves them, although after a while he loves them too much and we have to remove the skueaky thingy or go nuts. The shoes are soft, encourage walking, and I will be ordering more as he grows bigger (but still cute) feet.

Wee squeak saddle shoe

My 2 yr old loves them! He has a wide foot and these fit perfectly! So glad I found your website! Will be back!

Cameron Grey Boot
Irasema Santos

Cutest little boots. Well made and true to size. Thank you.

Bunny Pearl White Shoe
Annette Kotyk

Very pleased


Saddle oxfords are adorable. They run a little wide. Love them purchased white and navy and white and black.

Firefighter Boot
Alyssa Antoniak
So cute!

The fit perfect and my little one loves them sister has squeak shoes so he needed a pair too!

Firefighter Boot
Sherita Sekul
My grand loves them!

My granddaughter loves them!

Cameron Grey Boot
Nonni Clark
Fashionable and functional

My grand loves to hear the squeak as she walks with proper form. We purchased bow boots at the same time. Both sets of boots are made well and run true to size.

They fit perfect and my little grandson love them.

Western Boot
Louise F
Love them

Bought this pair for second grandson. First one loved his so much.

Ellie Brown Shoe
Karen LWilloughby
Happy Dancer

My granddaughter never wore shoes until she started walking, she hated socks and shoes both would take them off faster than I could put them on her. But I ordered wee squeak and when I put them on her she loved them. Very comfortable and she know she squeaks witj each step. She is 11 months and will dance In place to here them squeak. She also picks up her shoes and hands them to me saying shoe. Ready to put them on

Love! Love! Love!

Absolutely love how soft and flexible these are!

Running Small

I measured my grandsons foot and ordered the next size up, but they were still very tight to get on. We still love the shoes however, and I think we had as much fun watching/listening to my grandson running in them as he did.

Hunter Boot
Heather Wilder Rodgers
Cutest Boot Ever!

I can’t wait til my grandson opens his present. He loved his squeaker shoes. Now he has boots just like his dad AND they squeak! Mimi is getting all the brownie points on this gift!
My grandson had a club foot at birth and has struggled a little while getting treatments and learning to walk. These shoes have great support and he literally runs in them with no issues. So worth the money!

Camille Gold Shimmer Shoe
Brenda Mahadeo
Gold Shimmer Squeak Shoe

I love these little shoes. I came across these shoes when my great granddaughters foot was too big for them but any one that has a little girl I recommend buying these shoes. They are
so precious. Very soft. Well worth the money. Shipping is very fast.

Bow Pink Shoe
Brenda Mahadeo
Pink Bow Squeak Shoes

I love these little shoes. They are so precious. I wish I had discovered them before my great granddaughter's foot got to big for them. They are worth the money. Shipping is fast.
And if you Have a little girl I recommend these shoes.

So Cute!!!

These shoes are adorable! My 13 month old nephew loves them!!! Took about 2 minutes for him to figure out how to make them squeak at will. He continued to stomp his feet! They are very well made and look like the original Buster Brown saddle shoes only softer with padded support. I love them and will definitely make weesqueak the first choice for all children’s footwear. So happy to find classic children shoes!

Andy Grey Tennis Shoe
stacie kidwell

Love the Andy sneakers So cute and my grandson thinks it’s so funny to squeak when he walks

Love them

We have bought these sandals 2 times. Our grandson loves them and when he out grew them we bought him another pair!

Rory black saddle shoe

Super cute! Love the squeak!

Celeste Pink Tennis Shoe
Brittany Bandstra

Wow! These shoes are adorable!! I am so thankful for them! I feel better about taking our family on a trip with them! I will always know where my little girl is!

Bessie Moo Shoe
Patty Sepulveda


Bow Red Shoe
Jennifer Graves
Favorite Shoes!

This was my third pair of Wee Squeaks for my 2 year old granddaughter and it definitely won’t be the last! The shoes are well made and get compliments everywhere we go!


My granddaughter has fat legs. They did not work for her. But they are adorable.

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