Why Wee Squeak

We know they’re “only shoes”.
And our shoes probably won’t be the only shoes you buy.
But we know they’ll be the happiest shoes you’ll buy.

How do we know?

We’re a team of Moms who think kids grow up too fast.
We’re breathing deeply and trying to enjoy every minute.

Sometimes it’s harder than others.

But I think we can all agree that when those little faces light up with pure joy, our hearts literally melt.

And that’s what happens when a toddler wears Wee Squeaks.
They’re excited. They giggle. They dance like nobody’s business.

It’s the pure joy that toddlers do so well.

And since they’re only little for a very little while, why not get them shoes that light them up and get them dancing?

Chances are, they won’t want to take them off.

Happy shoes = pure joy = melted heart.

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