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Mom to 3 kids under 5

Keeping up with three kids under 5 is hard, especially when we are in busy, crowded places. But when my kids wear their Wee Squeak shoes, I always know right where they are!

Wee Squeaks are perfect for helping you keep track of your little ones, especially those that tend to sneak off and get into trouble!

I also love that you can just pop in the silent squeakers, and then the shoes are perfect for church or the library.

We get compliments on our Wee Squeaks every time my kids wear them!


Mom to 4 autistic children

As a mom to 4 autistic children, safety is one of the biggest priorities. My daughter is a runner and wanderer. She bolts off in the blink of an eye. Wee Squeak shoes give us that added peace of mind because the squeak sound is like a tracking device! It has been a lifesaver.
My youngest son was very withdrawn whenever we went out.
Once he realized his feet could make a squeaking sound, he was jumping and smiling. For the first time in forever, our sweet boy wanted to run around and PLAY.
That interaction was priceless and I'll never forget it. ️
Wee Squeak, thank you for making such awesome shoes!


Mom to 3 children

My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves her Wee Squeak shoes! Her face lights up and I love love watching her run around in delight.

Although the squeakers are removable we have never taken them out! We love them! As an added bonus I always know where she is.

So many fun styles to choose from too. I think the unicorn is our favorite.

They are so durable and we will continue to add to her collection until she outgrows the last size available.

Wee Squeak fans for life!