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Carter Brown Sandal

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Carter Brown Sandal (AL5541BR)

Carter is the perfect sandal for boys or girls! It is made of genuine leather and faux buckles with a hook and loop closure

Our sandals have supportive footbeds, and adjustable hook and loop straps. They’ll love wearing them and you’ll love their durability and convenient on/off style. 

Soft, yet tough. With soft and comfy leather uppers and flexible rubber soles, your little one will want to wear them every day. What’s more, they’ll stand up to those tumbles and turns along the way, offering great value for money.

Easy on and off. Our sandals open up nice and wide – no more struggles to get those chunky little feet inside! Adjustable hook and loop to get the perfect fit. Simple!

The ‘squeak of success’. As with all Wee Squeak™ styles, our “Carter Sandal” comes with the trademark ‘squeak of success’. Whether it’s encouraging those first steps, proper heel to toe walking (no more tippy-toe walking!), or keeping track in a busy mall, the squeaker provides that added peace of mind and encouragement needed in your little one’s development.

So, why Wee Squeak

It’s simple. Those magical moments of toddlers taking their first steps are precious. Seeing little ones smile and chuckle as they enjoy their shoes, as well as develop into confident walkers is a heartwarming feeling.

They’re only little once. It’s time to make your memories.

But what about the Squeak?

OK, we’re parents too – that’s why every pair of Wee Squeaks come with an extra pair of “silent squeakers”. Simply remove the squeakers (see how here) and replace them with the “silent squeakers”. Easy peasy.

What do toddlers and parents love about Wee Squeak shoes?

  • Soft, flexible rubber soles make them perfect for new walkers and experienced toddlers.
  • Got a tip toe walker? Wee Squeaks encourage proper heel-toe walking, aiding their long term development and health. No heel-toe walking, No squeak! They’ll figure it out fast.
  • No more wrestling with them to wear shoes. Wee Squeak toddlers ‘ask’ to wear their shoes!
  • Track your toddler and avoid that panicked feeling when they suddenly get quiet. We all know there’s usually trouble when they’re nowhere to be seen. It’s impossible in Wee Squeaks. No more walls covered in their latest secret Crayola creation!
  • Never lose your mind in a busy public place again. We all know that feeling when suddenly you can’t see your child in a packed mall. When your toddler’s wearing Wee Squeaks, you’ll know instantly where they’re wandering and be able to stop them in their tracks.
  • No-tie elastic laces and adjustable hook and loop closures make them super easy to put on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
People can’t help but smile!

My little one loves his squeaky shoes! And because he is so fast, I always know where he is going. Plus, people can’t help but smile when they hear them and see his happy squeals. My daughter wore squeaky shoes when she was a toddler, so it’s definitely fun to relive the fun.

Definitely worth it

My son hasn't really worn these much yet due to weather (he's been in his squeaky sneakers), but they are still worth it. I did order them a little big (intentionally) because he's growing quickly. He loves them, and i love that i can adjust them all the way around to fit him better. I can't wait for nicer weather so he can sport his sandals. :)

Beautiful But Definitely For Fat Feet

The length is spot on but my son has skinny feet so they don’t fill out the shoe. Although the velcro is adjustable they’re still pretty big on him. Would be perfect for a baby with “fat feet.”

Great quality shoes!

The shoes were so cute and highly quality leather! Lol unfortunately they scared my one year old grandson to death and he wouldn’t walk in them and cried! I thought he’d lovvvvvve them! Fortunately we can take the squeker out and now he loves them! I have a video to send you but can’t figure out how to do it!


Sandals are adorable!! Cutest ever! I’ve always loved wee squeak because of the comfort & softness! I ordered size 6 but sending back only to exchange for a size 7!