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Instagram Brand Rep Search!





Please make sure you follow ALL of the rules listed below. 



1️⃣ Follow us @weesqueak

2️⃣Click the link in our bio, and then tap on “Enter Our Brand Rep Search” to sign up - you will receive a $5 gift card just for joining us on our search

3️⃣Repost this picture on Instagram and tag the pic with #weesqueakteam @weesqueak - you do not need to use this hashtag on any of your personal pictures. We will be looking at each account.

4️⃣On Instagram find the picture above @weesqueak and comment below and tell us your name and your little one’s name and Tag at least 2 friends below that you think would be interested in entering our search.


We will be picking a handful of brand reps to partner with us for the next 2 months!
We are looking for active accounts, with great engagement.

Each of our brand reps will receive a $40 gift card in exchange for helping us promote our products.

We will NOT be requiring our brand reps to send us any pictures during the term 
however, we will ask that you post a promotional image (which we will send to you) once a week during your term. When you post our promotional image you will be required to put a link to our website in your bio for 24 hours - please DO NOT enter this search if you are not willing to put our website in your bio for 1 day (24 hours) each week. 



1️⃣ Accounts must be PUBLIC until the team is announced so that we can see your entries. If your account is private we will NOT be able to see your entries. If you don't want to make your account public please ask us to follow you. 

2️⃣ This search is open to USA and Canada only and ends at 2 pm CST on 1/24/18